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Business Design Icons  Social Media
Learn step-by-step, how to conduct, reorganize and transform your business from the top design business coaches. Learn what tools are available to skyrocket your career. Hear from your favorite designers as they share what inspires and excites their creativity. Hear how they make the magic we all love. Get the real life applications necessary to successfully navigate the web and skyrocket your careers. Tweet, Facebook and brand yourself with ease.
 teamwork  Case Goods  Window Treatments
 Learn from builders how to successfully communicate your way to a seamless job from start to finish. Learn the lingo and get the job done right! Hear from the top dealers, antiquity experts and manufacturers. Learn how to spot quality construction and how to shop for any piece at any price point. Some of our favorite fabricators share all their best tips and tricks to ordering, styling and designing the best treatments for any window or doorway.
 SONY DSC  Fabric  Mess in the artstudio
The fifth wall needs your attention! Learn from installers the tips and tricks to making your ceilings pop and transform a room. Hear from our expert fabricators the ins and outs of fabrics, applications and trends. Learn how to use each type of fabric with the finest of detail. So personal and yet, so space changing. Hear from top artist and dealers about inspiration and basic display techniques to enhance your installations.
 Exterior Landscape  Flooring  Modern Architecture
Curb side is the first impression! Help your clients create perfection inside and outside. Understand the “whys” of landscaping and its details. Hear form top artists about trends, sustainability and aesthetics. So many choices and results! Learn from installers and manufacturers, the perfect choices for each application, their care and wear. Learn the nuances and specifics of Commercial Design. Successful designers share how to implement, order, staff and install large scale projects.
 Annual Trends Upholstery Wall Treatments
 What’s next? Hear what tastemakers, influencers, and bloggers think is the next best thing. Learn how to use it, get it and be on top of your game. An art of construction and application. Hear from the finest manufacturers and fabricators sharing how to choose style, construction, and feel for any project.  Bang for the buck design decisions should stat on the walls. Hear about trends, how to apply them and best use for each.
 Rugs  Lighting Granite Swatch
International manufacturers, dealers and distributors share who to spot quality rugs at any price point. What to look for and look out for when buying a rug and how to care for each. The jewelry of the room! How to choose the best lighting fixtures, styles materials for a room. Learn how to use lighting for function and form to polish off any look. Hear from top designers and dealers about inspiration and trends. Ancient in its application, stone has adorned temples to tract homes. Hear form the importers, manufacturers and installers how to choose the best stone for any application. Learn the terminology you need for an effortless result.
 TV  Niche Design Mess in the artstudio
 Hear from some of your favorite Celebrity Interior Designers about how to get on TV, staying on TV, marketing yourself and parlaying your 15 minutes!  Want to expand your business? Top stagers, yacht designers, airplane designers, and more share how they transitioned into their dream careers! Learn from Top Sellers – How to get published online, in magazines and books. Take your projects to the next level and become a design tastemaker. Learn what it takes to get noticed by top editors, publishers and authors!
 Mess in the artstudio Mess in the artstudio Mess in the artstudio
 How to polish your personal style to reflect the professional, talented designer you are on in the inside. Take the steps to creating your brand starting with you! The In-Depth Whys of design, color therapy, light therapy, environmental design, and much more. Learn the true meaning of “function, flow and feel” and how they really work in your designs. Save our planet one room at a time! Understand the in’s and why’s of eco-friendly design products and applications. Learn terminology, sources and earth-saving options.

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